21 November 2013


Let's take a break from all my travel posts and put up a little outfit post. I don't get to do much of these posts nowadays mostly cause I've been editing my travel photos (i.e. adding watermarks and selecting which photos to post, I don't really know how to edit photos *sad face*) and because I've been to busy procrastinating about editing the photos for said travel posts. haha. Anyway here's something I wore when my boyfriend and i watched a movie. I don't really remember what movie it was so shame on me. I think it was Kickass 2 though.

Lately I've been feeling so self conscious about my body since I apparently am now overweight for my height (I'm only 5/2 and a half on a good day) so I've taken to wearing loose fitting clothes and pants that some how hide my tummy (i.e. high waisted). I guess you could put that on my growing list of "why-I-don't-take-enough-outfit-shots". Therefore, I've begun to use the treadmill again and I've even tried doing InSanity. I am seriously still hurting from the first InSanity video! and its been 2 days since I did that!

Anyways, I need to take dieting seriosuly, I really do need to lose my additional weight. #disciplinepleasehelpme #helpmestopcravingfood

any diet tips out there? Comment below!

ZARA Jeans

On a totally random note, it was my birthday yesterday (11/18)! I can't believe I'm 22 21 now! Hopefully this year will be even better for me! Is it just me or do birthdays get less fun as you grow older?


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