29 December 2013



Super late to start a monthly favorites post, but you should probably know this about me by know!haha! I blog late! :( Anyway lately I've had so many blog post to publish but I wanted to take a little break from that so that I can share with you guys my current favorites for this month, well to be totally honest, some of these items I've used since the end of November but since its already December, I'll just include it as part of my December favorites.

So, first off is my Nose Pore Strips from Watsons. I'm not new to using pore strips and I've tried a bunch of other strips but since I have really deep seated black heads, I need strips that really stick and get a lot of it out which only a few of the strips I've tried has managed to do. I know I've read a lot of articles saying that nose pore strips can cause more damage to the skin but I only use these when my black heads get too much and when I haven't been to my facialist (is this even a word?) in months, in my case I haven't visited my facialist in about 3 or more months so my nose is in desperate need of de-clogging!

Next is my M&S Hand Cream from Marks & Spencer. I rarely use hand creams cause I'm too lazy to even bother and because since their packaging is so tiny, I always end up losing them (along with my lip balms, eyeliners and anything else that is small) so I usually just don't bother buying them or find them unnecessary unlike lip balm. But I have to be honest I've come to love this one and I am so happy I haven't lost it yet!

Third on my list is my M&S Peppermint Breath Refresher Spray from Marks & Spencer. I Love this one! I have to be honest, this is the first time I've tried breath sprays because I've never had any use for one so when my mum gave me this I was so excited to try them! Now I use them all the time, even when I don't have to cause its so tasty! I love peppermint!

Fourth on my list is my Oil Control Film from Kleenex. I. love. this. product. not only does it absorb excess sebum from my face, it also comes in a really cute purple color and every film has a floral print at the back! haha.

Fifth on my list is my Lip balm from EOS. I Love Love LOOVE this lip balm! I always have difficulty with finding the right lip balm for me. Often times I would use a new lip balm and my lips would go really dry and chapped instead of soft and supple other times it would just become rough so I usually just stick to petroleum jelly. But I am so happy my mom bought me this when she went to the U.S. I've been using it for almost over a month now and my lips haven't gone dry or chapped yet! Now I just wish they would sell it here too! (there are online stores I can buy from buy, they sell it for a lot more than it's actual value!)

Last on my list is not exactly something I use for skincare but It's still a favorite of mine this month, my Iphone 5s! yaaay! I got this as a birthday gift from my mom cause I've been itching to get my hands on an iphone for a while now and I am loving this phone so far! I know a lot of people are saying a lot of not so good things about the iphone and are preferring to use android phones now but I have to be honest and say that I am probably an apple baby cause everything I use right now is an apple product; from my ipod to my ipad to my ipod touch, my macbook pro and now, my iphone! Plus, apples are my favorite fruit!haha anyway, another reason for my wanting an iphone instead of an android is because I've bought some apps that I use on my ipad and ipod touch that I won't be able to use on an android phone so I chose an iphone instead so that I can still use those apps.

That's it for my December favorites! Did you see anything you like? See you on my next one! and I promise there will be a next one! haha!




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