29 December 2013



I can't believe it's already been more than a month since typhoon Haiyan a.k.a. Yolanda hit my country. I was watching the news today and it feels so surreal that its already been a month since such a devastation killed and tore apart millions of families. I feel so sad and blessed at the same time because I am in a place where I am safe and warm and my family and friends are still all with me while there are my fellow countrymen who literally now have nothing but their names and the clothes on their back. 

Thankfully though, the relief goods are now being handed to those in need in a faster way (there were lots of issues and controversies regarding how the relief goods donated by the people and as well as the foreign aid given by several countries including the United Nations were being handled by the government) and hopefully the survivors can start rebuilding their lives little by little.

I honestly couldn't be more proud of how my fellow filipinos from all class, whether the rich or the poor, came together to gather goods and help out in anyway they could at the time; whether it was by donating old clothes, food, water, medicine, anything that would be needed by the victims and the survivors. 

I was a part of volunteers who helped pack relief goods back then and I was so overwhelmed with the strength of my community, coming together as one in order to help our families in the affected area. I felt like the lines that divide our society were blurred and that for a few hours a day, we were all the same; we were all just filipinos helping each other out. I think that is the true essence of the word Bayanihan (a tagalog word which I don't think there's an english counterpart but its basically a community helping one another but on a deeper and more heart felt and sincere level)

I just wish that we could see these acts every day in out daily lives. I think our lives would definitely be better if we put our desire to help each other out first over our own selfish needs.

Anyway, a short story about my crop top to lighten up this post! I bought this crop top from an online store in Instagram although sadly, I forgot the name of the store (If you guys happen to see this post, please email me so that I can add it here in this post!) but they give 50% of the sale of every shirt that get sold to a charity that aids victims of the typhoon. 

Anyway, I think this post has gone on long enough! On a lighter note, I'd like to greet all of you a belated Merry Christmas and an Advanced Happy New Year! 'til my next post!

Crop Top from INSTAGRAM
Harem Pants from FOREVER 21
Bag from Coco x Fifi
Wedge Sneakers from LUXURY MALL
Sun Glasses from  RAY BAN
Watch from ASOS




  1. Truly inspiring. As you rightly said, the line that separates us is blur, I wish everyone will realise this and strive for the greater good of humanity.


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