02 February 2014


So last week, my boyfriend and I decided to go out for dinner and since we've been craving for Korean beef, we searched online for any Korean restaurants that is near the area we live in. To our delight, our search ended when we came across a ton of blogs that recommended Don Day Korean Barbecue Restaurant!

Since he picked me up from work, we went to the nearest one in our area which was the one in Teacher's Village. We had a bit of difficulty reaching the restaurant cause we never really went around Teacher's Village whenever we wanted to eat out; usually we'd go to the mall or Order in while we hang out at my house but none the less, we added it to experience, plus getting a bit lost helped me list down a few (okay, a lot) of restaurants I HAVE got to try!

Anyway, when we finally arrived at the restaurant, I got a little worried we might not be able to eat there cause the place was JAM PACKED with people grilling and lining up at the buffet table! Thank God though cause there was an empty table that sat just for two people that became available and we were escorted y the waiters to sit there.

As I've said earlier, my boyfriend and I were craving for Korean beef so that's exactly what we ordered, there really isn't much to say about their menu since the whole restaurant offers three kinds of Buffet:
Table Buffet, which is the basic buffet of Korean food for PHP 230.00; Samgyupsal buffet, which is unlimited Pork strips that you grill on your table for PHP 299.00; and finally the Beef/ Samgyupsal Buffet, which basically means you can order either beef or pork to Barbecue for PHP 399.00. For the last two menu choices, they also come with the table buffet so not only can you grill an unlimited amount of pork or beef, you also get to try out the dishes they serve on the buffet table. You can probably guess by now which of the menu choices my boyfriend and I ordered (BEEF!). :D

I gotta say, I've never eaten so much beef before that I literally thought I might vomit! (thank god I didn't though, that would be a waste of good food!). Overall, I loved my Don Day experience, Good Food at an affordable price, who wouldn't love that, right?A word of caution though, their grills aren't the smokeless kind so expect to smell like grilled food when you get there.

I can't wait to go back and indulge my beef addicted taste palette again! Maybe I won't have to wait too long too, I heard my mom say she's been craving Korean food ever since she saw my instagram photo from that night .... ;D

Anyway, if you guys are interested in checking out their food, you can visit them at 40 Malingap Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City, Philippines (This is the branch I went to, they have one in timog but I don't know where exactly). They are open from 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 10PM from Mondays to Saturdays.

Also, click here for their FB page, if you guys are interested. :)

Happy eating!



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