26 February 2014


Whenever I go out with my family or my friends, we always have what we call our "go-to" restaurants for when we want to eat. One of those restaurants is Italianni's because their menu's are guaranteed to not disappoint your taste buds!

So when my friend invited me to try Italianni's newest menu additions at their newly opened branch in Shangrila mall, I just had to go! I mean hello, food + Italianni's+ me= a happy tummy! I was pretty excited so I took so many pictures of the place and the food so by the end of this post, you might find yourself in a food coma!
The first thing I noticed, or rather felt when I saw Italianni's newly opened branch at the 6th floor of EDSA Shangrila Mall, (its near the cinema and very hard to miss cause its just right at the entrance to the mall's new wing, BTW) is that it felt and looked a bit more modern than its older Italianni's branches. 

Don't get me wrong, I love a restaurant with modern aesthetics but there's just something about how Italianni's combined a modern interior with their signature cozy Italian design resulting in a modern but still homey and romantic atmosphere when dining in.This not only retains their current customers which are usually families, friends, or couples but now they also attract a younger age group thus making Italianni's a perfect restaurant for the American-Italian food we've all learned to love.
Now, for the fun part! our Italianni's experience started with Italianni's Best sellers from their old menu but I think these are also still available on their new menu except for one.
While waiting for our meals, we were given complimentary home made bread with an olive oil and black vinegar sauce.
Four Seasons Salad (PHP 550)

This salad is from their Original menu, and I gotta say, apart from it being a little spicy, literally just a tiny bit, like a kick, I loved it! Caramelized Walnuts, Crispy honey Shrimp and their honey mustard dressing is just PERFECTION! Also, can I just add that Italianni's salads have now gone organic! So you are guaranteed that their Romaine Lettuce and some of their select herbs are fresh and free of harmful chemicals!

The Prosciutto platter below was also a best seller of theirs but I think as of now this one has been discontinued to make way for one of their latest additions in the menu, I promise though, you won't be disappointed with their new offering!
Prosciutto Platter
Seafood Cioppino (PHP 395/595/895)

One of their house specialty is this Seafood Cioppino. I love the fact that they really went all out with the seafood in this dish! Most of the time whenever I order from other restaurants, you could probably count the number of seafood they put in the dish but for this Seafood Cioppino, I feel like they really went all out with the clams and mussels. It's a simple dish with spicy red herb sauce made extra special with the flavors of the seafood in it.
Pizza Enorme (PHP 795)
THIS IS JUST AMAZING. I've never really cared much for pizza, they're way too greasy for me to eat so much of but I love this pizza! Its not oily and the flavors of the toppings just blend so well together! This is a house favorite in their Handmade pizza menu and it is good for 4-6 persons. The pizza is divided into 4 quarters each with different toppings; Pepperoni, Ham and Pineapple, Shrimps and Mushrooms, and Four cheeses.
Crispy Pork Ribs (PHP 495)
Another favorite from their "Della Cucina" menu, this could probably qualify as one of my comfort food, soft pork meat marinated in several Italian herbs and spices, its just an amazing love affair in my mouth! I will definitely order this next time!
New York Cheesecake (PHP 450)
HANDS DOWN my new favorite dessert ever! I've always been a picky cheesecake eater because most cheesecakes tnd to be too rich or too thick which means that I almost always never finish or take more than three or four bites out of it but this is just perfect! It's smooth, creamy, its got that cheesy taste to it but its also sweet but not so much that you get sick of it. Definitely great to share with friends or family because this slice is HUGE!

Now on to some of their menu's newest additions!
Layered Ricotta Dip (545)
First off is the layered Ricotta dip. This is a really yummy appetizer! The dip consists of layers of Parmesan and Ricotta cheese with layers or Sundried tomatoes and Pesto sauce in between. Its served with toasted garlic tuscan bread. YUMMY.

 Prosciutto e Formaggio (PHP 595)
This is what will be replacing the Prosciutto platter above, I told you you wouldn't be disappointed! An update prosciutto platter now with four of the best Italy has to offer! Milano Salami, Parma Ham, Gongonzola and Parmigianno-Reggiano cheese. So Italian. ;D
Primavera Salad (PHP 495)
Mixed lettuce, lollo rosa, tomatoes tossed in raspberry vinaigrette topped with ricotta fritters. I didn't get to try this cause by the time I saw it, it was almost gone but my friends and bloggers said that it was really good too.
Fettuccine Beef Ragu (PHP 495)
Simple yet hearty. Fettuccine pasta tossed in authentic Italian Beef Ragu. Very simple and very yummy, the beef cubes were so soft!

Salmon with Safron (PHP 550)
Between the two pastas in their new menu, I would definitely prefer the Beef Ragu. Although this was also good, I just felt it was a little too bland and unusual for my taste buds, I love salmon but the sauce and color reminds me of curry so every time I took a bite out of my pasta I kept tasting curry. But if you're a bit on the more adventurous side, I recommend you to try this one!
Panna Cotta (PHP 295)
This isn't really a part of their new menu but since they didn't have the ingredients for the desserts in their new menu just yet; which was a bummer cause I really wanted to try their Dark Chocolate Brownie dessert, they decided to let us try another one of their favorite dessert! Its an Italian Vanilla custard that they make fresh daily. It is served with your choice of sauce: mango, Blueberry or honey with walnuts.

Lymonada (PHP 140)
Side note, you have got to try their fresh lemonade juice! It is just amazing! One of the best I've ever tasted!

Well there you have it! Italianni's best sellers and new dishes! I definitely can't wait to go back to Italianni's to try some of their newest dishes!

So, are you in a food coma now? Cause I certainly am!

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  1. Such welcoming place. Love the presentation of their dishes. Looks yummy!


  2. OMG, you made me hungry, especially after seeing that fabulous slice of cheese cake that is absolutely my favourite dessert ever. You shoul go to New York and try the Original Cheesecake.. DELICIOUS

    Miki xx

    1. I would love to go to NY!! Its on my to go to list! :) Thank you for your comment! :)



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