10 March 2014



I've been a sucker for make up ever since I turned 18, I know that sounds kinda late but I've always been a no nonsense kind of girl (heck, even now I forget to accessorize and wear make up ever so often!)

 I really believe that if you want to look good, You should invest on skin care rather than make up but, if you are like me, I'd say also invest on a couple of make up items such as: Eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss (if you prefer gloss), lip balm, cheek stains or blush powder, face powder (although I prefer to use blotting paper more than powder) and of course, concealer. Basically, the make up basics. I'd also say foundation but do we really need to use it every day? I think not.

Those are pretty much my go to make up products whenever I need a quick fix me up; which is why I'm very picky when it comes to buying those products. Ever since I accidentally left my bag open and let it fall on the cinema floor where I did not notice that a few of my make up favorites fell and thus I lost them forever (I'm still heart broken over that), I've been on the look out for a really good concealer to replace the one I lost. I think I've bought at least 2 concealers that I rarely use now cause I didn't like the way they looked on me in the long run but now I finally found another one that I've been using a lot lately: the Etude House Surprise Concealer kit.

Its a wonder how when I lost my concealer stick (which I also bought from Etude House, by the way), I never went to look for a new concealer here. But one day, a few months after I lost my concealer, I went inside this lovely store again and saw that they had new concealers available! This one caught my eye in particular simply because it had two shades, now here's what the lady in the store told me, the brown one, or the nude one on the right side is the base, that one determines how fair you are while the pink one is your under tone, it helps blend the base closer to your skin tone. Since I'm pretty much on the lighter skin color, I got the nude base with the pink under tone; if your on the darker/ tanned side or as we filipinos like to call it, morena or moreno, if you're a guy, there's a kit with a darker base and a yellow undertone.
So here's how you use this kit: First, apply the base, the one on the right, where you need concealing and then add the under tone, the one on the left, above the base and then start blending or dabbing them on together until it fades into or covers whatever it is you need to conceal and you're done! See! It's that easy! 

See how close it blends on my skin? PERFECTION. I haven't even blended it properly yet!

What I like about this kit is that it enables you to customize or to better blend out your concealer so that it is closer to your skin tone, making it easier to achieve a much more natural and flawless skin whenever you apply it.

I've never been a fan of asianovelas (if you're filipino, you get what that term means. LOL, if not, then it just means TV shows/drama shows that are not locally made but are from neighboring asian States, dubbed into tagalog) but I am clearly a fan of this Korean make up brand! Effective and cheap! So I'd totally recommend you guys to try out their products. If your not one to fuss about concealer kits like this, they have liquid and cream concealers too which are just as good, I suppose. :)




  1. Nice purchase!! No worries for that conceiler you lost! I believe it was for good because this one is really great! It was meant to be ;) :P
    -Mary xoxx

    1. haha! Thanks Mary! I do love my new one! :)


  2. Oooo it looks nice, may have to invest!


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