20 July 2014


Ever since I found out that Michelle Phan has finally come up with a cosmetics line under L'oreal, I have patiently waited for it to come out. I have been a huge fan of Michelle ever since I found her make up tutorials on youtube. To be perfectly honest, I was a late bloomer, I never had any interest in make up until I was 17 years old, so Michelle really helped me to understand and grasp the techniques of applying make up, from the basics to color matching the eye shadows and blushes and lip colors.

So for her to come up with the Life Palette was an incredibly ingenious (in my opinion) idea. I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to mix and match their palettes and be able to take them anywhere without your bag becoming too bulky?!

Sadly, Emcosmetics is not yet available here in the Philippines but there are a few online stores that sell them here.

So, first thing is first, the emcosmetics life palettes come in 6 variants all containing: 
24 eye shadows
8 lip shades
4 cheek shades
It also comes with a free travel compact palette, sticker names for the four shade quadrants, a pan remover stick and a double ended brush.
The palette I chose is the life palette in love life. I chose this because out of all the palettes available, it had the most variety of shade and textures from pastels to nudes to metallic and from shimmery, gliterry to matte.
The first quadrant is called the warm fuzzies look. 
Eyeshadows L-R: Bunnies, Sungold, Puppies & Kittens, Springtime, Teal Rain, Warm Blanket

Normally I don't really go for bold colors but a few the colors in the first quadrant, like the Spring time and the Warm Blanket is really tempting me to give bold colors a go!
Lips L-R: Melon and Cuddling

The second quadrant consist of a lot of neutral tones in two textures; shimmery and matte.
Eyeshadows: L-R: Vulnerable, Honest Shell, Nude Truth, Beige Faith, Mocha Fix, Original Sin
Lip color L-R: Exposed Nude and Wow Pink
The third quadrant have the most vibrant and shiny hues.
Eyeshadows L-R: Twinkle twinkle, Sparkle blue, Pink coral, Passion blue, Neverending night, Wine & dine
Lip colors: Dare devil and Black cherry
The lip colors in this quadrant are my personal fave! I'm really into dark lips right now so this gloss, while subtle, gives my lips a lovely plum color.
The final (fourth) quadrant has a lot of metallic textures and the darkest colours. Some colours though can be used as base or for smokey eyes.
Eyeshadows L-R: Gold fantasy, Pale pink, Sky Illusion, All yours, Subconscious, Black moonlight 
Lip colors: Sweetie Pie and Plum Passion
Blushes Q1-Q4: Rose Macaron, The Real Me, Softly Pink, Pink Whisper
Personally, I loved the packaging; yes it was pretty heavy and a bit bulky but if you think about the durability and the fact that the palette itself is magnetic, I think its something I can over look, plus the fact that they giveaway a free travel compact for every life palette bought is excuse enough for me to ignore the heaviness of the product.

Eyeshadow wise, I love the fact that most of the shadows that are light coverage. I know some people out there don't like that cause it will seem like the shadows are poorly pigmented but in this case, its not. I just prefer being able to control how much shadow I put into my eyes and sometimes its hard to control that when shadows are already highly pigmented. I also know that while highly pigmented shadows are considered better because it takes less time to put on, it also becomes very susceptible to fall outs whenever you try to build up the colour on your eyes. This is something I haven't experienced from this palette; no matter how much I built up my eyeshadow, I never had any fall outs!

When it comes to the lip colors though, while I do love the fact that emcosmetics made sure to also include textures to lip colors; from creamy, to shiny to shimmery, I was a little disappointed to find that a few of the colors are too pale for something that should be able to substitute for lipstick ( I mean, the removable pots and the travel kit's point is to lessen the make up women bring with them everyday, right?) nonetheless, I do have a few favorites of mine that I've been abusing lately!

For the blushes, I'm not a fan of the lighter shades of four cause light colors sometimes make me look even paler but I do love the fact that I can build up on the blush of quadrant two. I would have loved the blush from quadrant one and three if they weren't too shimmery for my taste once you build them up so I don't really use them a lot cause I feel like I'll end up with a shiny face (okay, fine an even shinier face cause I have an oily T-zone! *boo*)

Overall, I love my life palette. I love the look of the packaging and the ingenuity of Michelle and the rest of the emcosmetics team to create removable pots and travel kits to customise our daily make up kits and I like that the eyeshadows are wearable and easy to build up for a day to day or day to night basis. While I do wish that some lip colours and blushes be a bit darker or less shimmery (not that they are extremely shimmery; they're pretty subtle for blushes, I'm just not a fan of shimmery blushes) I think buying the life palette can be considered a worthy investment especially if you are just starting to immerse yourself in the world of make up cause there are a lot of shadows to choose from, enough for a beginner to experiment and figure out their make up style while at the same time allowing those who are experts and make up enthusiasts to switch up their daily make up routine without bulking up their make up kits further.

I know a lot of people out there are questioning if this is really something worth buying just because it's something that Michelle Phan endorses or owns but let's not forget that the brand that is backing Michelle Phan, and actually producing these products is L'Oreal and we all know that their products perform very well in the market not just because of the brand but because of their own product's performance or quality.

So give it a try, if you're still unsure about this palette, they do offer ones that are smaller and much cheaper! :)

Have you tried the life palette? What are your own thoughts about them? Comment them below! :)




  1. Nice post. Been scared to try her makeup products too! lol;p;p

    Joua, www.jouatotherescue.com

    1. Thanks! I love her line so far, I don't think there's anything to be scared of cause as I said in my post, she's backed by L'oreal and if you think about it, how many L'oreal products do we use in our daily lives?? Right? :)



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