06 August 2014


Indonyaki fried rice P 95/large

A few weeks back, my brother and friend went to dinner at this Indonesian hole-in-the-wall restaurant along Maginhawa street, a famous food street in my area (this is also where Don Day Buffet from my previous food blog post is located). Indonyaki serves really good Indonesian food at a very affordable price!

We tried out a few of their popular dishes such as the Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), Sate Ayam (chicken barbecue), Indonyaki Lumpia (Spring rolls) and their Indonyaki fried rice, which if I am to be truly honest, you can eat with out ordering any other dish because its just that good!

So what's so awesome about Indonyaki? Well for starters, Indonyaki is known for serving up authentic Indonesian cuisine at an affordable price without compromising their product's quality! Also it may be a comfort to those Indonesian food lovers that one of the owners of this establishment was the chef to former Indonesian Prime Minister, Mahatir Mohammed, so you know the food is top notch.

You'd actually be surprised that despite its small establishment, it is visited by a lot of people, locals and foreigners alike! 

Read on to learn more about their food and what we thought about them!
Indonyaki Lumpia (spring rolls) P75

First on our list was the Indonyaki Lumpia, its basically a type of veggie spring roll served with a delicious sweet garlic type sauce. It might sound weird to regular lumpia lovers that this is all veggies but trust me, this is a must try! The veggies are lightly blended in herbs and spices (it sort of tastes like curry only lighter) fried in crispy lumpia wrapper makes this one a perfect snack, appetizer or even a main dish!
Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) P 120/Half or 220/whole

One of their most popular entree is the Ayam Goreng or fried chicken which is basically deep fried chicken topped with some sort of crispy yet flaky batter (according to my friend it is called kremes). The chicken itself is served with just the fright amout of flavour and it is very soft and juicy! It is served along with some sort of sweet sauce which actually makes a perfect combo along with the Indonyaki fried rice!

They also serve an Ayam Goreng combo which is a good for one value meal which includes the fried chicken, Indonesian fried rice (Nasi Goreng), Iced tea and a broth soup that tastes like Curry (it's really good, I swear) I think the price was P95 (I'm not sure tho but it's a really affordable place so I'm sure its pretty cheap).
Sate Ayam (chicken barbecue) P 85/ 5 pieces

Another favorite of ours (which we totally ordered thrice, I think) is the Sate Ayam. This is a perfect snack or appetizer dish simply because it is skewered in a stick and because even though it was grilled, like the Ayam Goreng, it is soft and juicy! Combined with the sweet peanut sauce on top of it, makes this one a definite must have every time you visit this place!
Don't be deceived with how small the place is, ever heard of the saying "good things come in small packages"? well that definitely applies to Indonyaki!

Indonyaki is located at 54 Maginhawa street, Quezon City (Open from 11am to 11pm)



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