19 January 2015




SUPER late, I know but I had just finished editing some of my travel photos from Baler and I cannot wait to show them to you guys! LatelyI've been contemplating whether or not I should cut my hair as I usually do at the beginning of every year. Instead I think I might just make changes to my hair care routine, which means doing more than just shampooing and occasionally conditioning my hair whenever I remember to do so. I've been trying these products for about a month now (which is also why I haven't posted this as soon as possible, I wanted to see the actual results first.) and apart from the fact that I had to force myself to remember to use these products (i.e. the comb and the Macadamia Oil, which I now use all the time, more than the shampoo and conditioner, by the way) I was pretty happy that I took a chance and changed my hair care routine! I am in love with the Macadamia Oil especially since it gives me an excuse to not use conditioner all the time! All I have to do is pour a little bit of oil onto my palms then apply it on my hair evenly from roots to tips when my hair is damp or almost dry and I'm done! My hair feels smoother and its also shinier and less dull. I also want to take the time to say that my hair has not experienced any split ends since I've been using the Macadamia Oil too so that awesome!

I'd recommend this product to anyone out there who wants healthier hair, so I guess that's everyone, right? :) 



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