14 April 2015



Let's take a break from my travel posts, shall we?

Have you ever heard of the term "blondes have more fun"? Lately I've been thinking of hair colours and I've always wondered what I'd look like with a different hair colour. Would I feel different? Be more confident and fun like a blonde, or be as outgoing, feisty and lively as a red head? Maybe be as laid back, romantic and easy going as a brunette?

I recently came across a company called Madison Reed. Madison Reed is a hair dye company that has created a dye that is free of PPD, sulfates, resorcinol, ammonia and gluten and is a great salon-quality alternative and it has given me a lot to think about hair colouring and hair styling in general.

Naturally speaking, I have dark/black hair. Depending on the light or sometimes how I wash my hair. On some days its absolutely black but then on some days, its a dark brown. I usually just attribute this to how the sun hits my hair or any sort of light. I guess this is also part of the reason why I've never coloured my hair either, despite the fact that i have wanted to try the current hair trends as of late such as the balayage, ombre (oh how badly I wanted to try this!) and the current hair colour trend of coloring your hair a pastel, bright, and now "granny" colour; I never could go through with it.

You see, if you've been following my blog for a while, you would realize how indecisive I can be. So one day I might want, pastel hair but then then next day, I would probably want just an ombre or balayage or maybe that new "granny" style. The thing is, I can never stick to one decision, Even when I cut my hair, I always end up wanting my long hair back after about a week or two.

As I learned about this little fact about myself, I began to accept that I may never, or at least in the near future, colour my hair, I thought about how I can adapt my personality depending on my hair. My answer? A simple change in hairstyle!

Straight and dark: On days that my hair is incredibly black, I often tend to style myself a bit edgier, red lips and dark outfits make me feel like a cool black haired girl (I may have black/dark hair but I am so not cool.)!
Short and wavy: When I cut my hair, I often tend to style it either in soft curls or wavy. When I feel romantic as a brunette, I usually stick to soft hues for my make up and I tend to style my hair a bit wavy cause its softer and easier to style compared to curls, also because its not like the curl sticks for long cause my hair loves being straight too much! Seriously, no matter how much hair styling product I put on my hair, the curls never stay longer than at least three hours!
Straight and short: On days that I feel absolutely too lazy to give a damn about my hair (which is everyday, mind you) I leave it as it is, straight and short, or in my case now, straight and long! Whenever I leave my hair as it is, I feel laid back and chill or even out going and care free- like a red head!
But the most important thing to remember is that no matter what your hair colour is, your personality will always depend on you. Who you are with, how you feel about yourself or in general and how you see the world, determines who you are! Your hair, as pretty the colour as it is, will never really determine your personality! Take Emma Stone for example, she's a natural blonde and while she does seem to have more fun, she's also quirky and funny like the hair colour she dyes her hair in-red!  But I doubt that even if she kept her hair blonde, her personality won't change too.

But if you really want to try changing your hair colour, here's an awesome site you can visit to see what the best hair colour matches your personality and hair style.

Have a great week ahead, and remember to be confident and happy! :)



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