18 September 2015

M.A.C. Obsessed

Oh heeeey! New things this week!! Love my @maccosmetics in del rio and fast play! Finally got my @fujifilmph x30 after how many months! So excited to try it out! 💄📷#macmakeup #macdelrio #macfastplay #maccosmetics #lipstick #camera #fujifil

M.A.C. Del Rio (Satin) and Fast Play (Amplified)
Oops. 💄💋 #twig #macmakeup #maccosmetics #mactwig #macsatin #lips #lipstick #lippie #beauty #lipcolor #loveit #makeuplove #VSCOcam #afterlight #app #lipbullet #lovethis
M.A.C. Twig (Satin)
Collection complete.. Well almost! Thanks @bbeautybox_ph for the fast transaction! Way excited to try it out! :)) ❤️😘☺️ #macmakeup #maccosmetics #macvelvetteddy #velvetteddy #velvetteddylipstick #yay #collectioncomplete #wellmos
M.A.C. Velvet Teddy (Matte)

I've had another wave of lipstick obsession! In the last three -okay, two if we're being totally honest here- months, I think, I've managed to purchase about four M.A.C. lipsticks and now I actually have a growing list of M.A.C. lipstick shades on my iPhone for when I "drop" by another M.A.C. counter at the mall. Thank God I've been too busy with school lately that I don't have the time to go to the mall! Unfortunately, Instagram has some nifty stores that offer next day deliveries when you confirm your payment and... Well, that's not very good for my wallet and my budget.... Anyway, let's not talk about my depleting financials (Cause I bought a new nifty Camera too! Say hello to my new Fujifilm x30!)! I'll try to do a more in depth post on my latest M.A.C. lipsticks with swatches soon, or if you guys are interested, I could do a blog post on my M.A.C. Lipstick collection! I think I have about nine or eleven, twelve if you include a lip gloss.. :)

I'm also sorry about the radio silence on this blog lately! Its not really my intention but real life just got more real for me as I'm still adjusting to life as a law student, its really overwhelming me especially since I got sick and confined in the hospital for Dengue (my second time, you guys, seriously) around the second week of class and had to miss five days to classes! :( I still have a few more travel posts from my Royal Caribbean Cruise to share with you guys, I'm just in the middle of writing the blog posts but its so hard to finish them all when I now have so little time to do so! 

Right now, the only sites I'm able to update regularly are my instagram, tumblr and (gasp!) I'm on Snapchat (@sarahgolezzz) now too! So please, please follow me on there and let's connect with each other! :)



In case you're wondering, all my social sites username is @sarahgolezzz :)


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