09 January 2016


I've been hearing a lot about these NYX lip creams and I never really paid them much attention cause I wasn't that impressed with a product I bought from them once, and yes, I am that kind of girl who, when I buy a product from a brand for the first time and wasn't impressed with it, I immediately think the brand's products aren't as good as I would expect them to be. But I just couldn't resist and so I gave in and tried them out. Read on to see what I really think of these!

So for this review, I was able to collect about 5 shades from the collection. I initially wanted to try Abu Dhabi but it was so hard to look for it and so I just decided to stick with these five shades. Price wise its pretty cheap, I got these from an Instagram shop so these were way cheaper than those sold in the mall at around 200 pesos while I think in the malls these cost around 300-350 pesos (?) I'm not sure cause it has been a while since I lest stepped foot in an NYX store. 

Anyway, the shades I got were London, Zurich, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Morocco (left to right, top photo). I wrote down my individual thoughts on the shades and then my over all thoughts and what I found as their pro's and con's below. 

nyx_soft matte lip cream_london_05
nyx_soft matte lip cream_london_03
nyx_soft matte lip cream_london_01
The first shade I tried on was London. It's a pretty neutral nude shade, in the photos above it barely shows because it is so nude already and when I tried to edit the photos to make it brighter and to make the colour pop, it looked a bit washed out on me. Over all though I'd say this is a pretty shade that I could wear on a day-to-day basis just because it would be so easy to pair with several looks.

nyx_soft matte lip cream_zurich_02
nyx_soft matte lip cream_zurich_03
The next one I tried is Zurich (above) and I think this is a very pretty shade for those days where you feel like dressing up but not too dressed up, its got a soft pink shade to it that makes it easy to pair with casual to more dainty make up and outfit looks. I'd probably use this if I want a bit more colour on my lips cause it gives of just the right tint of pink that it looks almost natural.

nyx_soft matte lip cream_amsterdam_03
nyx_soft matte lip cream_antwerp_02
I absolutely love Antwerp (above)! It's got a bright hue of pink but its not over the top that it could be considered neon pink. This is probably something I'd use if I want a pink with a bit more "punch". I'd probably use this on days where I feel brave enough to wear a bit more colour on my lips but not brave enough to rock my reds.
nyx_soft matte lip cream_amsterdam_03
nyx_soft matte lip cream_amsterdam_04
Amsterdam (above) is a deep pink shade that I loved using on days where I want to wear a red lip but can't bring myself to actually do it. I love how it almost looks red but is still a deep pink colour. I honestly love this one because I don't think I have a shade that's quite like it.
nyx_soft matte lip cream_morocco_01
nyx_soft matte lip cream_morocco_03
nyx_soft matte lip cream_morocco_02
Finally, Morocco is a red orange shade that is just so pretty! I have no words for this shade because I don't think I have anything quite like it! I have M. A. C.'s Morange but I have to say I prefer Morocco more because its more wearable and because the shade can sometimes look like an orange toned red, which is just so unique to me!

left to right: London, Zurich, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Morocco.

Here are all the colours swatched on my arm, When I edited the photos to make it look brighter, the original colours may have changed a bit but it is not too far off from my photos. 
Now its time for my overall review:
Unique Colours
Easy to apply
There is a wide range of colours
Easy to remove
Very good for those who want to start using liquid lipsticks
Texture is quite weird when it dries
It does not apply evenly so you have to apply it more than once but you have to wait for it to dry before reapplying.
Takes a while to dry
Can be patchy

Also, I don't think these are qualified as Liquid Lipsticks like the Colourpop Ultra Matte ones because these are more cream-like even when it dries so they can still transfer or move whenever you touch your lips or eat unlike the liquid lipsticks.

Over all I'd say this product is a good one and a unique concept. If you would like to try liquid lipsticks but aren't brave enough to actually wear them because liquid lipsticks are just way too pigmented and opaque, I suggest you try these Soft Matte Lip Creams first because even though they have bright and bold colours, they are not as "out there" or opaque as liquid lipsticks especially the liquid matte ones.

What I'm trying to say is, if you're planning to dabble in the world of liquid lipsticks, I think these Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX are a good entry point or training ground because it is easier to remove and is more forgiving when you make mistakes and the colours are more toned down even though they have quite bright and interesting colours.

Hope you liked this review! Comment below if you think I should do more of these or if there is something you want me to review! :)




  1. Great post i love nyx lip products especially their lip pencils, i did a mini haul on my blog about it you can check it out if you like


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