27 June 2017


pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow
If you're an avid youtube watcher like me, you probably know who ItsJudysTime is. If you don't know who she is.. Well.. Find her on Youtube! :D 

Kidding, she's obviously a beauty youtuber and a daily vlogger. Anyway, she recently came out with a make up collaboratin with Pixi Beauty and they came out with two palettes, a lip palette called ItsLipTime and an eyeshadow palette called... You guessed it, ItsEyeTime. I got myself the eyeshadow palette cause I wasn't sure if I would want my lipsticks in a palette but I'm kind of warming up to the idea o maybe trying it out and purchasing the lip palette too.

But anyway, before I get lost again, here's my review of the eyeshadow palette!
pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-4
pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-5
pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-10
Packaging wise, the only thing I didn't like was that the names of the shadows were at the back and I couldn't really tell which shade was wha. Other than that, I really like that the shade pans are huge! I feel like with the 12 shades and the size of the pans, you really get value for your money. I got my palette from an online store by the way, so their pricing was a bit higher, I think. But I bought this from yourmakeupstoreph.com for 1,749 pesos.
pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-14
pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-11
As for the shadows themselves, I really enjoyed them! They're great for natural everyday looks and for smokey eyes for night time looks! I also love that there are a lot of matte and satin shades and that these are SO easy to apply and blend!  If you're the type to use neutral shades, you're gonna enjoy this palette!

I also like that these are so pigmented! The swatches I posted below, I used brushes to show how they would look once you apply them to your eyelids. I think I used about three applications to get them to show the colors. But please keep in mind that the camera does wash out a lot of the colors which is why I had to apply more. Below are the swatches I did.

pixi palette its judytime eyeshadow-32
1st row L-R: Snowflake, Bubbly, ItsMommysLife (fave)
2nd row L-R: Good morning, Brick, Honey Bear (all fave)
3rd row L-R:TuTu (fave), Getaway, Ping
4th row L-R: Dark Chocolate, Aww Snap, Night Night

Large pans, you get a lot of per shade
A lot of Matte shades and shimmer shades, easy to use for any occasion
Neutral shades- good for warm and cool toned people
Easy to blend

A bit too pricey (but if you purchase it on the official pixibeauty stand in Watsons SM Aura, its only 1,459 pesos)
Ugly stick-on mirror that is included is just that, ugly.
Names of the shades are indicated at the back of the palette only, would have been better if it was below the shades themselves.

Well, there you have it! I hope you found this post informative, even though I have sucked at updating this blog! Also, I'd like to let you guys know that I started a new instagram account! Its mostly just swatches of make up I have, but I hope you follow me there! My username is sarahswatches.



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